ⓟ 1966-1976 KellyAnn Music.  Songs written and arranged by Stephen Kern.  Produced by Steve except where otherwise noted.

​​​band from the early 1970s

Bakersfield was a rock/pop group formed in 1970 in Des Moines.  At the time, it was one of the few bands in the area exclusively performing self-composed music.  The group recorded extensively at downtown DSM-based Lariam Studios, completing a first album just six weeks after the band's creation.  As the group evolved in the studio, Lariam evolved as well, expanding from dual twin-track machines to Scully 284-8.  Tapes would later be transferred and worked on at Criteria Miami and then on to LA. 

In terms of live performances, the band was very loud (very!) and to accommodate the band's large amp and PA setup, an early logistical decision was made to not include keyboards at shows.  The group was overly serious about creative control and found itself in a fortunate position of being constantly booked.  Perhaps overbooked as time went on.  The work ethic and friendships of the group centered the rapid forward-motion the group experienced.  Bakersfield performed continuously throughout the state until mid 1971, producing a total of three albums and eight singles.  Studio recording carried on for an additional three years.

Several tracks from the group's "four six seven" album are being remixed here in Hollywood along with several singles being re-mastered.  These include many songs that Steve wrote and brought to the band while still a teen.

As sort of an interesting aside from 1970, the local Des Moines NBC tv news affiliate captured the band on 16mm film, performing at what was known as Greenwood Park Sunday Rock Concerts.   The Greenwood Park events had been organized by local radio stations in response to Woodstock, which had occurred a few months earlier.   The local music and social scene was absolutely polarized after Woodstock and Greenwood concerts consistently drew thousands of people as well as a lot of media interest.  The Greenwood news film was broadcast August 16, 1970. 

The 16mm film is being edited here in Los Angeles along with the song remix project.