Stephen created Trycho Music International and the popular Trycho Tunes line of midi sequence products in Los Angeles in February 1984.  Original products were delivered via 5.25" and 3.5" floppy diskettes and supported a large number of non-standard midi playback formats found on keyboards, sequencers, and computers of those years.  Stephen spent a lot of time in the early days, travelling between LA, New York and Washington DC, to work with music publishers and the US copyright office in establishing licensing and protection guidelines for this new type of music product.  By 1990, Trycho had grown to to over a dozen employees, servicing musicians via major music retailers and distributors in eight countries.  Trycho sequences were also licensed to many digital piano and synthesizer manufacturers throughout the eighties and nineties who then preloaded Trycho songs into their products.  Stephen personally programmed the thousands of sequences that Trycho released.

Trycho Tunes Performance Sequences